The Story of Us

Hello everyone, I am a girl who loves fitness and healthy life. I hope to have a healthy body and a confident smile. My friend is a girl who is proficient in household necessities. She knows how to make life more beautiful and comfortable.


Now social work and life will bring fatigue to everyone, in order to help everyone in the workplace and life, lead a healthier and happier life. So, we decided to work together to create an independent site called Goddess Diaries.


Goddess Diary is a shop specializing in selling fitness equipment and household necessities that are beneficial to human health. We want to help everyone achieve their health goals and improve their quality of life through carefully selected products.


At the same time, every product has been personally tested and screened by us, and only those products that can really bring effect and comfort can enter the store. We believe that every person is unique and deserves their own diary to record their health and happiness.


In our small shop, you can find a variety of fitness equipment to suit every need, from yoga MATS to dumbbells, from exercise balls to tension bands, to meet your fitness needs. At the same time, we also provide a variety of practical and beautiful household necessities to make your home more warm and comfortable.


We want everyone who comes to the Goddess Diary to feel their passion and heart.We are not only shop owners, but also your fitness coaches and home advisors. They will provide you with professional advice and meticulous service to help you find the best product and lifestyle for you.